Who says that the dreams never come true? Who says that the superheroes don’t exist in the real life? Change the pre-established things, create your own history, and add your own ending… Make it possible with Woodys Barcelona


tree_project_3 THE TREE PROJECT

Nowadays, the development is a world concern that transcends the ideologies and the immediate interests; for that reason Woodys Barcelona is working in a sustainable project in which for every 200 sunglasses units sold, the brand will plant a tree.


From Sport, through the style until the craftsmanship, the brand introduces news and trends in their new and attractive blog. The Blog includes all things that move and interest us, all things that take part of the Woodys Barcelona World.

icona_famousFAMOUS WOODYS

Because famous love Woodys Barcelona more and more every day. In this section we inform you about all the celebrities who join our brand. All about public people who have chosen our philosophy as a way of life.

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